Feed the Fish and He Will Score


Since leaving for Wigan in 2011, Conor Sammon has ended up seeing most of England on account of his numerous loan spells.  Last year he came back upstream to ply his trade for Hearts but now finds himself back at Rugby Park on loan as part of the new-look squad.

It’s fair to say Sammon has struggled to hit the goalscoring form he had that earned him the £600,000 tranfer down south and ultimately a 7 figure transfer to Derby County.  Reaching only single figures in terms of goals everywhere he has went with exception of The Rams (10 goals), he needs to up his game to become an effective signing.

They say the first step to conquering any problem you have is to admit that there is a problem and the Irishman has indeed acknowledged the recent period of frustration.

“It’s frustrating when you don’t score as many goals as you would like. As a striker that’s your job, you’re judged on goals, I judge myself on goals.” – Conor Sammon

The drought is one cause for concern, as is the fact his career peak was largely due to the creative playmaking ability of Alexei Eremenko- a creator who is no longer at Rugby Park.  Steven Smith has been steady and Rory McKenzie is an honest worker but neither come close to being as effective a player at providing for strikers from directly behind them.

However there are positive notes.  At 30 years old, Sammon should still have his strong running ability and enough in the tank to put himself about.  If his work rate gets the crowd onside then he is capable of regaining the confidence he has previously shown.

Though it has been a substantial dry spell, there is potential for this to be a healthy tranfer for club and player- the familiar surroundings can hopefully stir the big centre forward and get him back into the rythmic scoring form he had slipped into 6 years ago now.


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